Why Less Cheap Accommodation Inside Hotel Big Chain For Business Travelers


Advantages of staying at small independent hotels or B&Bs

In these times of economic crisis, for a growing number of companies seeking to cut costs, select smaller shelters (such as beds and restaurants or small independent hotels) in chains of hotels can be very smart. Although most business travelers stay in hotel chains (Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, etc.), small homes try to attract business guests by delivering the same amenities. facility of, always time, better service. Via Her explores the advantages of small homes in big hotels and why they are a great option for women's business travelers.

Extraordinary, more personalized service

Can men or women get better treatment at the hotel? For Lorena Romero, owner of Casa Palermitano, a B&B in Buenos Aires, in many Argentine hotels, men are more accustomed to looking at businessmen than women and therefore, men are more get better treatment than women. "For example, if a businessman and businessman are in a hurry to check on a hotel in Argentina, the hotel staff are more likely to attend the man first", he added.

Hospitality, with fewer guests to accommodate, smaller arrivals will give you personalized attention – much more so with the room number! Most of the time, they'll remember your name, your preferences, and more likely to indulge in any specific needs you may have. Nancy and Dan Ward, owners of the Inn on Main Street, a B&B in Weaverville, NC agreed. "See if a hotel manager has a half hour at night when you buy him a glass of wine and chat about your kids and his, and share his take on the most restaurants nearby ”, says Nancy. A satisfied guest is likely to return, and that is the key to a small hotel business.

A home away from home

This is the buzzword of any good bed and breakfast. It is nice to come back to a more comfortable, relaxed setting after a busy day rather than face the ineptitude of a large hotel. Instead of spending the night alone in your room as many of us have to deal with while on the road, smaller settlements are always a much healthier setup. For example, many of these hotels have a common area, where you can partner with other guests like yourself, or kick back a glass of wine, a newspaper, or just watch some TV. . "I think a lot of women feel like going to a family in a small hotel as opposed to the feeling of loneliness one can have in a big hotel", says Lorena.

A small home can provide opportunities to meet other travelers, make friendships or even networking business opportunities. The Inn on Main Street, for example, saw women guests bonding over dinner and buying emails at the end of a stay. According to Lorena Romero, many guests have built business relationships while meeting at Casa Palermitano, bonding breakfast at the communal table.

Get a good sense of the town you are in

Due to the more personal and informal setup of smaller residences, you may be more attracted to the conversation with the owner, manager, hotel staff, or other guests. It provides a great way to talk to locals or get information or swap notes with someone who is more familiar with the town. You can get lots of insider tips about where to go or what to experience (or even what not to do) in town – information that tourist guides can't provide. "It's like visiting friends; you can skip meal guides and online ads to get important information right away from those who know such things", adds Nancy.

Excellent safety

As women traveling alone, our individual safety is of paramount importance. Here too, small dwellings have the advantage of many hotel chains. The Wards at the Inn on Main Street say they know the need to listen to female business travelers because they are the furthest away from the hotel chain experience. Traders talk about being scared about getting a glass of wine or even having dinner alone for fear of getting hit. "The staff at major hotels are trained to provide addresses and information but little safety information. Being a woman and traveling a lot on my own, I can't afford the safety advice", says Lorena.

Smaller areas are especially good at keeping tabs on when you leave the hotel and when and when you can return. They have a good idea about your regular schedule or plan and will raise an alert if something goes wrong. Nancy Ward points out yet another benefit that comes with a more homely setup. "We like to think that hotels offer good security, but the reality is that if you're in the mood for Grandma's house to have just a few people staying there, you can sleep better."

More economical

Smaller homes are more cost effective and offer a better value for your money than many hotel chains. A study by American Historic Inns, a publisher of U.S. Bed and Breakfast instructions, shows that B & Bs guests earn rewards ten times faster than a Marriot, for example. The study revealed that with Buy-One-Get-One-Night-Free rewards programs, you can save between $ 75 and $ 650, depending on the room rate of a B&B, while you need to spend $ 2,500 before you find a free night in Marriot.

You get a lot of facilities that a larger business hotel can offer at a lower cost – a huge advantage for companies looking to cut costs without compromising their employees' comfort. In addition, frequent guests or even companies can negotiate better room rates or upgrades. Smaller accommodations are considerably more vibrant than larger hotel chains. They work hard for everyone — you and the partner.

As hotel chain executives felt that the provision of hair dryers, shower gels, skirt hangers, etc. was enough to keep female guests happy, they failed to recognize that catering of entrepreneurs should go beyond equipment. It is this shortage that small dwellings such as beds and dinners are trying to spend. So, the next time you travel, consider staying in a small home for a change. Replace the cold hopelessness of a large hotel chain for a home away from home, interesting company, and fun free time after work. A richer experience can make your trip more rewarding and fulfilling in more ways than one.