What Makes a Good Hotel?


Choosing a hotel for a business trip or a vacation is a big deal. You want the best place you can get, no one wants to be stuck in a dirty, awkward place where you don’t find it safe to sit on the couch alone to enter it.
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But how do you know which hotel is the best? It’s not about the size of the room or the size of the towels, but most people would agree that the little things that make a hotel look like home.
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If the hotel staff is helpful, hospitable and shows a lot of hospitality, you know you’re in the right place. It also of course helps that the lobby is nice and clean as it is a preview of things to come. If you can check in without a hitch and your key card actually works for the room you are targeting. Careless check and key cards that will never allow you in your room, pool, gym, etc. are not good in this day and age.
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Next is the location. If you are vacationing in a specific area, such as a theme park or monument, you will want a hotel that is very close to you so you do not have to travel long hours at the end once you reach your destination. Thanks to the internet, you can see where hotels respect where you want to go before you leave home.
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And then there are the tools, the things that make your stay more fun and more home-based. We talk about comfortable, clean beds, lots of nice bathroom items to use, good value towels, coffee and tea, clean glasses and cups, a decent television and free WiFi.
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A microwave and fridge corner are also great amenities, especially if you are traveling with kids, but it’s also a good idea to go ahead and reheat leftovers later when you’re in bed.
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With online reviews you can get a beautiful decent photo of most hotels on your list. And with so many competing chains trying to be bigger and better than their competitors down the road that is just good news for us, travelers and the real ones staying in the rooms.
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Another good thing to look for is the perks the hotels provide for returning guests. Play your cards right and you can even get a free night!
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